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At poweratwork we believe there is always a better way to work. A way to work with more power. A way for more power at work. That's why we offer advanced training for better work, more efficiency, higher motivation, more customer satisfaction and more success at work, all based on well organization of business life and private life, optimization of physics, nutrition, rest and recovery.
Beheavioral change training was difficult and costly, but we pulled it off. The classic problems of behavioral change – Interference with the human unconsciousness, costly direct field supervision and costly video recording – are problems of the past. Meet the Web Reminder System®.
Meet the Web Reminder System®

1. Participant selects personal goals for desired personal beheavioral change (through a web form)

2. sends after some time an e-mail reminder with a weblink

3. Participant opens e-mail, clicks weblink and answers the questions about activities exercised and goals achieved

4. If successful, an award will be given in writing «mini diploma» and in rank of achievement with a visible sign. Pursuit of same or new goals will continue and you continue with step 2

5. If not successful an invitation for booking of a session with an experienced trainer will be sent where new goals will be defined in order to achieve success

The advantages of our solution are obvious

1. Continuous reminders based on intelligent software
The frequency is based on participant’s preferences and recommendations

2. Award system with labels and ranks
increasing participants motivation to continue working on himself

3. Personal goals that are achievable
Yields to high percentage of success stories

4. Human help available in case of problems
- Face-to-face sessions availabe
- Support over the internet with voice and screensharing

The timeline

We have many things to offer


Anti-stress training and burnout prevention

The foundation for high performance

Nutrition, Motion & physical activities and Rest & Recovery


Organize my work time, Organize my spare time (Plan rest & recovery, Plan Motion and physical activities), Define personal nutrition rules

Levels: Basics for all, advanced level